About me

I am Annicke Shireen, Fashion- and Costume designer, and I have started doing this work out of pure passion for handmade clothing. I have always had an affinity with appearance in folklore, avant-garde and (dark) fairytales. Furthermore I am very passionate about colours and details, as well as fabric and other high-quality materials. I love to use my knowledge of the tailor’s craft to realise the perfect custom made product, and I work as a freelance designer and tailor for consumers as well as professional productions and companies. (Ninja Theory, Get Off The Road films and Knip Mode magazine and for example).

A few absolute highlights of my career have been:

  • - Designing for Ninja Theory's Hellblade II, Senua's saga. 

    - Being head of costume design for the movie “Kill Mode” by Get Off The Road films.

    - Winning the sewing contest “Door het oog van de Naald” in 2015, which was broadcasted on the Dutch television network RTL4.

I graduated as a fashion designer at the Utrecht School of Arts (HKU) in August 2011 and founded my company in September 2011. In November 2011 I won the Rabobank Startop competition, a buisiness programm and competition for starting creative entrepeneurs. Since then, I started my business and have kept myself quite busy with custom commissions, other creative projects and I made a ready-to-wear collection "Folktailor", which I enthusiastically sold on Dutch festivals. I have worked as a junior designer for the Dutch magazine Knip Mode, but since 2015 I have been focusing mainly on custom projects because I find this the most inspiring.

The essence of my work is designing and crafting unique items for special occasions such as bridal-, stagewear and high quality (theatrical) costumes, allthough I have also designed custom fabric as well as confection clothing occasionally. I specialise in designing items and outfits complementary to the customer’s wishes and fitted to their measurements. The style of the designs that I adopt is a mix of eclectic, romantic, modern and often contains historical influences. Never using standard patterns for my designs, I take the extra time and effort to make my own. All my work is designed and handmade in my own workspace, and therefore I can guarantee high quality and exclusive products. I prefer to work with sustainable materials, whenever possible.

Besides all of the above, you can sporadically find me on a film set as producer, costume designer, stylist or make-up artist, and I'm currently touring as a singer and make-up artist for the band Heilung. Last but not least I'm proud to also mention that I make my own music with my band Shireen; www.shireen-music.com.

If you like to have something made especially for you, it is possible to place a custom order. Custom commissions will take some time to produce, but these items are 100% handmade and therefore completely original. Each outfit is unique; it will be designed according to your wishes. If you have a commission for me, please contact me here.